Humanity Is A Tiny Speck On This Timeline Of The Universe

Here's a detailed look at the history (and possible future) of the universe.

A lot has happened in the history of the universe, and humanity is just a minuscule portion of that mind-bogglingly long timeline.

Martin Vargic, a designer and artist from Slovakia, recently visualized the entire 13.8-billion year history of the universe -- including predictions for the next 10 billion years in the future -- in a detailed infographic. He told The Huffington Post that he based the long timeline off of various scientific papers and research.

"I hope that it will help the general public to understand the massive timescales of the natural history, to learn more about the past and the future of our solar system and the universe and to increase the public interest about science and astronomy," Vargic said.

Scroll down to see the timeline for yourself, and enjoy.

Martin Vargic
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