11 Times You'd Never Expect To Find Jesus (But Might)

11 Times You'd Never Expect To Find Jesus

There are times and places when you expect to connect with a higher power: at church, on a sublime mountain range, at a Christian rock concert.

But there are just some times when you wouldn't ever expect to come face-to-face with a religious figure like, say, Jesus Christ. And yet it happens -- when you're least expecting it, apparently.

Here are 11 moments when unsuspecting individuals have stumbled upon Christ.

1. While On A Supermarket Quest For Cheap Produce

2. When You're On The Very Edge Of Temptation

Jesus never blinks.

3. When You're Inspecting Your Dog's Butt


And find what you've been seeking all along.

4. While You're Benevolently Overpaying For Coffee

Sons of God drink decaf.

5. When You Need To Feed The Masses

6. When You're Searching For A New Dildo

jackhammer jesus

7. While You're Contemplating The Not-So-Big Questions (Chicken Or Beef Taco?)

8. When You're Swimming With The Fish

9. When You Need To Rent Some Real Estate

10. When You Need Strength In The Tokyo Marathon

11. Or When You're Praying For A Genuine Drugstore Miracle

Jesus makes omnipotence look easy -- after all, he learns from the best!

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