16 Times Patton Oswalt's Tweets Were Parenting Comedy Gold

"How did my daughter shit straight up her back? Am I in 'The Matrix?'"

When it comes to the roller coaster known as parenting, sometimes you just have to laugh at the chaos. And Patton Oswalt’s tweets can help.

The actor and comedian has tweeted about his life as a father to Alice, his 7-year-old daughter, capturing some funny parenting moments and her most random yet hilarious quotes along the way.

There was that one time he tweeted about his daughter’s dance moves.

And there was the time he predicted what would happen if “Frozen” didn’t win an Oscar in 2014.

He’s tweeted about his “usual breakfast” as a parent.

And he’s joked about his book suggestions for kids.

The comedian has shared his opinion on the not-so-clean side of parenting.

And he’s pretty clear that the “Toy Story” franchise is enough to make even adults shed a tear.

He’s shown he’s always up for a challenge.

And in a single tweet, he captured what every parent truly wants.

He’s also documented some of the hilarious things his daughter has said...

Including what he considers “excellent post-punk lyrics.”

Funny clearly runs in the family.

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