Times-Picayune Touts Progress As '60 Minutes' Reports On Cutbacks

While "60 Minutes" reported on the steep cutbacks at The Times-Picayune on Sunday, the newspaper touted the progress it has made since last fall.

New Orleans residents were shocked when The Times-Picayune announced that it was cutting daily publication to three days a week, expanding its web presence and making deep staff cuts. Those changes took effect in the fall, and left New Orleans as the biggest American city without a major daily newspaper.

"60 Minutes" visited the paper last year, and painted a sad portrait of the changes on Sunday. Morley Safer called the cutbacks "the most recent casualty" of print's decline and reported on the newspaper undergoing "major surgery before the economics of publishing killed it outright."

In a note on Saturday, Times-Picayune editor Jim Amoss highlighted some of the brighter spots for the newspaper in the last few months. "A lot has happened since then," he wrote, referring to the "60 Minutes" visit.

He described a top-notch staff and The Times-Picayune's mission, as well as some of the newspaper's noteworthy reports.

"Average paid circulation is up both daily and Sunday for October and November 2012, the two most recent months since the change to the three-day print model, as compared to the average paid daily and Sunday circulation for September 2012, the most recent month before the change," Amoss also wrote.

"Meanwhile,'s audience has continued to grow. In 2012, 41 million viewers came to, 7 million more viewers than in 2011," he added.



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