Times Square Cookie Monster Allegedly Gropes Teen: Cops

Times Square. NYC. August 2012.
Times Square. NYC. August 2012.

Another day, another costumed character arrested in Times Square.

Police arrested a man dressed as Cookie Monster after he allegedly groped a 16-year-old on Sunday.

NYPD told Gothamist that authorities arrested Ranulfo Perez, 48, after he allegedly "pulled [a] victim into a hug and forcibly touched her breasts," while dressed as Sesame Street's resident chocolate chip addict.

The girl was part of a tour group that was walking outside the Times Square Toys 'R' Us.

Perez is charged with forcible touching in a manner injurious to a child less than 17, and second-degree harassment.

Although Times Square has ostensibly cleaned up from its lean, mean years as an epicenter of debauchery, it's suffered a recent spate of criminal behavior by the costumed characters, who have also been criticized for demanding money from witless tourists in exchange for photos.

Perez is just the latest costumed performer in Times Square to be charged with a crime.

Last year, the NYPD arrested more than 18 of the performers, including Elmos, Spider-Men, Iron Men, and at least one street-brawlin' Batman.