Times Square Falls Eerily Silent In The Face Of Trump's Election Night Wins

Crowds were in shock.

Even in the middle of the night, it’s rare to witness quiet in Times Square. Brightly lit, and full of tourists and Sesame Street costumes, it’s truly the heartbeat of Manhattan. 

But as GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump racked up win after win in Tuesday’s election, an eerie quiet fell over Times Square. Hordes of people sat, stunned, on the red bleachers next to the TKTS ticket booths as they waited for the final results.

“I’m going to cry. I thought I was going to be celebrating but now I think I’ll have a drink,” said Karen Niles, 40. “This was the most important election ever. And now this. I’ve never seen Times Square so quiet.”

Niles volunteered for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, who easily claimed victory in New York, the state where she once served as senator. 

Anthony Agli, 19, stood alone nearby with an American flag draped over his shoulders. A soldier for the National Guard, Agli said he voted for Clinton because ― as a member of the military ― he feared a Trump presidency.

“I’m feeling pretty nervous; it doesn’t look too good,” Agli said as the electoral map filled in. “This election is just a joke, honestly.”

“Honestly, I just don’t think [Trump] is capable of making rash decisions about other countries,” he said. “He’s not fit for that.”

Agli said he believed Clinton had more experience to lead the nation.

“I think I have a good chance of being deployed soon [if Trump wins],” he said.

Clinton and her supporters watched the results pour in at the nearby Javits Center.

Watch the chilling silence in the video above.

Andy Campbell and Sebastian Murdock contributed reporting.