14 Times Your Little Ones Revealed Their "Dark Side"

All parents know that their usually darling little ones aren’t afraid to slip over to the “dark side” from time to time. Sometimes it’s experimenting with your tube of cherry-red lipstick, other times it’s flushing your phone and keys down the toilet when you’re supposed to be on your way out the door. Whatever force they choose to use, our little Lukes and Leias can get into some pretty mischievous situations.

And, try as you might to keep a straight face, all Jedi-like, sometimes it’s just easier to share a laugh with the other parents who can totally relate to seeing kids switch from Anakin to Vader in the blink of an eye. That’s why, as we eagerly await the newest “Star Wars” release, we’ve partnered with Duracell to bring you this list of 14 moments your little ones revealed their “dark side.”

1. When your 3-year-old tells you an obvious lie.

2. When your 4-year-old gets out of bed after you tucked her in because she’s “thirsty.”

3. When you discover that your toddler scribbled marker all over your sofa.

4. When your little one insists on wearing a dirty shirt that’s (at least) one size too small.

5. When your preschooler refuses to nap.

6. When your little boy denies that his diaper is dirty, despite evidence to the contrary.

7. When you hear a child who isn’t potty trained flush the toilet.

8. When your daughter refuses to eat even one bite of dinner.

9. When your kiddo throws a temper tantrum at the grocery store, but you’re still not giving in.

10. When your little sweetheart is not-so-sweet to his playmate.

11. When your little one calls you by your first name.

12. When you realize that you are having a full-blown argument … with a toddler.

13. When you’re on the phone and overhear your 4-year-old in the other room exclaim, “Uh oh!”

14. When your 3-year-old is fighting mad because he can’t have ice cream with rainbow sprinkles for breakfast.

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