"Times/CBS News Poll" Confirms Viscusi's Prediction From Huffington Post

"Times/CBS News Poll" Confirms Viscusi's Prediction From Huffington Post
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Stephen Viscusi

Today's just released "NY Times /CBS" poll confirms what I have been
preaching in this very column for months! American individuals and
families are depressed and in havoc, over unemployment in the largest percentage since The Great Depression.

I further predict, as I result of this emotional depression caused by
Unemployment as described the NY Times/CBS poll caused by unemployment that eventually that this will translate into the largest number of unemployment related suicides in the history of
the United States.

As a "JOBCONOMMIST" and author of the book "Bulletproof Your Job"
(HarperCollins) I see and hear from thousands of American's every day.
Lives wrecked, careers; relationships and entire families destroyed,
all because of unemployment. Now further traumatized by listening to the
annoying banter of the "Money Mouths" on TV talking about how the
economy is improving, and the stock market is on the rise, and recovery
is under way. It makes the unemployed feel more like losers, and even
more depressed--I am told just sick to their empty stomachs.

Meanwhile, our Ivy League President is in his Ivory Tower, or worse in Stockholm Collecting Nobel Peace Prizes...while American's are "collecting unemployment, in record numbers. Don't insult us, Mr. President, with a "Job's
Summit"...that title and it's results
was like Marie Antoinette saying "let them eat cake".

I saw you and our First Lady, Michelle talking to "Oprah" about Christmas
at "The White House"...do you know what most unemployed American's are doing for the holidays? They are sad and depressed. Even the employed ones have had to take huge pay-cuts unless they work for a company you gave that TARP money too.
They can't afford gifts for their children or loved ones.
White men over 50, I am told, have it worse than most, and most people
have been unemployed over a year. Here is the LINK to the article, that
came out today-- two months after my prediction here in the "Huff Post"

I Mr. President I understand you have not decided what to do with the 1.4
million dollars you personally received for the Nobel Peace Prize . Mr.
President, why not create some jobs with that money?....you certainly are not
Creating any PEACE. How about a Obama "PEACE JOBS PROGRAM?? I am more than happy
To volunteer to start the program.

As excited and happy as our nation was in electing of first bi-racial
President, I predict we have elected another Jimmy Carter--someone out
of touch with real American's--yes a one termer who will be punished in the
voting booth by the throngs of unemployed Americans, who will not forget the
suffering --and they will remember it, even three years from now. I
also predict over 80 percent of Congress will lose their seats in 2010-- in a "voting JOBS Revolt". We will see in Congress, the largest turn over in the history of the United States.

If we learned one thing from President Clinton's first year in office, his theme was loud and clear it is about the "it's the economy, stupid"!

Finally, my advice to the thousands of people unemployed who write to me
every day is unconventional but it works: PRAY. Yes, my American friends, PRAY. Every day, I am invited to hundred of Prayer/Jobs/Workshops all
around the country. Some of them are in Churches' or Temples,. But most
are not. They are sponsored by business's big and small and although I
teach you the skills to find new work, we always start with a optional
prayer. It is catching on like wild fire. I am proud to have started
it first. People really are PRAYING for jobs! Prayer works.

I invite all of you to join my Free "Job's Whisperer Employment Club"
for those of you looking for work. I will send you a daily e-mail tip,
and remind you to pray each day. If invited I will come to your
community and together work with local chapters of Stephen Viscusi
"Job's Whisperer Club" members to motivate you to find new work, to Pray
and to not be depressed. It's people helping people and it is all free.
I created a company www.bulletproofyourresume.com I have learned I too,
need to give back to those unemployed friends, and neighbors who buy my
book, and I hope will watch my new TV show "The Headhunter From Hell".
I dedicate my book the service people returning from the two wars, who
have it even worse, then those unemployed here. Remember, those soldiers
may not rerun at all.

So Mr. President, while your stubborn heart and ego is passionate about
healthcare, and while you are deciding what charity to give your 1.4 million dollars too....why not put your money where your mouth is, and create a jobs program with that money.

1.4 million ....Not enough you say? I bet that money in the hands of
Your friend and supporter Mr. Warren Buffet can grow, and I am happy
to volunteer my own expertise on helping show you, how small business,
with a tiny incentive from your huge monetary prize, can help create

Let me know what you think, you can follow my on Twitter at
"WorkplaceGuru", joins the Unemployed Job's Whisperer Cub by e-mailing
me at Stephen@viscusi.com. Mr. President, I understand the White House
operator can find anyone in the world, at anytime, so I am here at your
beck and call, to help my fellow Americans find the work they so desperately
want, before you see the largest unemployment suicide rate in the
history of our country.

We remember a lot from Bill Clinton--good and
bad-- but the one reason he got elected twice was he never forgot the
words, James Carville was so famous for repeating "it's the economy, stupid"!

Copyright 2009
Stephen Viscusi
May be reproduced without permission of author, as long as author gets credit
Stephen Viscusi is the host of the upcoming TV show "The Headhunter From Hell".
Stephen Viscusi is the author of "Bulletproof Your Job" (HarperCollins) and can be reached at Stephen@viscusi.com. Visit his website @http://www.bulletproofyourjob.com, Follow me on Twitter @workplaceguru and add me on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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