Timothée Chalamet Plays Son Of Edward Scissorhands In Super Bowl Ad

Winona Ryder resurrected her role as Kim for the kooky Cadillac commercial.

The legacy of “Edward Scissorhands” lives on after more than 30 years in a new Super Bowl commercial for Cadillac, starring Timothée Chalamet as the pale protagonist’s son with Winona Ryder resurrecting her iconic role as Kim.

In the ad, Chalamet plays Edgar Scissorhands who ― like his sharp-fingered dad ― struggles to navigate a world that wasn’t made for him.

“This is the story of a boy with scissors for hands,” narrates Ryder, playing Edgar’s mom, Kim (and Edward’s love interest in the original movie).

The commercial follows a day in the life of Edgar ― from accidentally deflating a football during a game of catch with some friends to getting stuck in a chain-link fence. The differently digited dude just can’t seem to find his place, until Kim surprises him with a Cadillac that offers a hands-free cruise control option.

“Edward Scissorhands” star Johnny Depp did not appear in the ad with Ryder and Chalamet, who previously dated his daughter, Lily-Rose.

What do you think? Does Chalamet’s performance cut it?

Watch the full ad below: