Frank Ocean's Interview With Timothée Chalamet Is Pretty Darn Charming

They even bonded over a love of Joaquin Phoenix.

Frank Ocean interviewed Timothée Chalamet for V Man magazine, and people are loving it ― almost as much as the two stars love Joaquin Phoenix.

Chalamet is a self-described “huge fan” of Ocean. Over the course of the interview, he even recited the singer’s lyrics back to him (to which Ocean laughed and said, “Don’t do that”) and encouraged him to score a movie soundtrack (yes, please!).

But the real fanboying began when the “Call Me By Your Name” actor and singer realized they share a mutual love of Phoenix.

From the interview:

Chalamet: Listen, I saw that one of your favorite films is The Master.

Ocean: Yes. Joaquin [Phoenix], man.

Chalamet: Dude, that is my favorite actor. There’s five or six artists I’m really trying to follow in the footsteps of creatively. I get the opportunity to be on the phone with one right now [laughs], but on the acting side, Joaquin is number one for me.

Twitter users couldn’t get enough of it.