Timothée Chalamet Just Made Juicy Couture Hoodies Cool Again

Our early 2000s obsession meets our current obsession in the latest issue of GQ.

Timothée Chalamet tends to be the object of our collective affections for his bone structure and acting chops. In the newest issue of GQ, however, our early 2000s obsession has melded with our current one to create an almost overwhelming preoccupation: Chalamet + a Juicy Couture hoodie.

The image (third in the carousel above) was taken upstate in Woodstock, New York, and is just one in a series you might refer to as a “whole fall mood.” It’s accompanied by a cover shoot and delightful interview with the young star about his career, fame, and at times, his hair.

Timothee Chalamet covers the November issue of GQ.
Rannell Medrano
Timothee Chalamet covers the November issue of GQ.

But it’s the combination of $850 Hermes pants and the hoodie, with its familiar fit and ubiquitous “J” clasp — not to mention that it’s from Chalamet’s own wardrobe and not picked by a stylist — that has us digging through our closets and dusting off old faithful.

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“He's seeking out the right path, the right people—with help from his ‘intergenerational peers’ and Bob Dylan and anyone else he can find. He wants the benefit of their knowledge and experience, and he's okay if it's slow going to accrue it. He's open to playing the role of the novice still. But there have also been things in his life these past of couple years that have made him realize, as he puts it, ‘adults are just kids a little bit older.’ When he returned to New York from Los Angeles this summer, it wasn't to his childhood apartment or to a borrowed living space of an acquaintance. It was to his very own apartment, his first, in a little wedge of Manhattan he loved for being nowhere, but on the edge of several somewheres. He relished the mundanity of setting up his own place. To hear him talk about a first trip to CB2 was like hearing another person talk about their first trip to a movie set. ‘But I think if people saw what my apartment looked like, they'd be like, Oh! This kid has no fucking clue what he's doing.’ He is so young and he is so old. It is his gift. He is so patient when he can suppress being so restless. So careful with the long arc of a career when he can resist obsessing over the instant. He is so confident when he centers on the work and so searching when he gets sucked down into questions about the rest of his life. Will he always be this way? This pliable and open? This self-reflective and intentional? He trusted so little of his new life, but he trusted his talent. That was the key. He knew he was as good as anyone at playing other people, even if he was still figuring out how to play himself.” November @gq cover story on @tchalamet by @danielvriley. Photos by @renellaice. Styling by @mobolajidawodu. On newsstands soon. #printisgood

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He’s not quite as committed to the trend as Jennifer Lopez in the early aughts, but it’s more than enough.

To see all of the painfully beautiful photos of Chalamet, taken by Rannell Medrano, head to GQ.

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