Timothy Ray Brown, Berlin Patient, Says His HIV Is Cured (VIDEO)

Back in December, word spread quickly that the "Berlin Patient" Timothy Ray Brown had apparently been cured of HIV.

Brown is in the news again, thanks to a fresh sit-down interview with his local CBS affiliate, now making the rounds (watch below).

The 45-year-old who now lives in the San Francisco area said matter-of-factly in the interview, "I’m cured of HIV. I had HIV but I don’t anymore."

Brown received a stem cell transplant in 2007 that apparently turned the HIV-positive man HIV-negative, according to a December report in Blood. The research stated that tests "strongly suggest that cure of HIV infection has been achieved."

Questions remain in the scientific community about whether the success can be replicated, though there is no doubt it has led to a renewed interest in an HIV cure. Some experts have cautioned HIV could still be present somewhere in Brown's blood.