Tina Brown On Newsweek Digital Transition: 'We'd Rather Embrace The Future' (VIDEO)

Editor Tina Brown appeared on "CBS This Morning" to discuss Newsweek's landmark decision to transition to an all-digital publication.

Brown announced on Thursday that the magazine will cease printing in December 2012, and a tablet version called Newsweek Global will launch in January 2013. Known for her covers, Brown said that the tablet version will include the provocative covers readers began to expect from the magazine.

Brown told CBS co-hosts Charlie Rose and Gayle King that the magazine industry reached a tipping point. "Advertisers and marketers [were] urging us to do this," Brown said of transition to an all-digital format. "It is the right direction and we'd rather embrace the future."

Brown said that by eliminating print production costs, the publication will have the opportunity to focus more on content and "putting out something that people are reading."

She added, "We always had a feeling that we were going to become a digital company, the question was when." Newsweek will reach out to its print subscribers with the intention of transitioning them to tablet subscriptions.

"How many people will lose their jobs?" Rose asked. "There will be reductions, but we don't know that number," Brown said.



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