Tina Fey On Conan: Star's Daughter A Tracy Jordan Inspiration

Tracy Morgan's "30 Rock" character, conveniently named Tracy Jordan, is often thought of as entirely autobiographical. However, as it turns out, there's also a dash of someone else in there, too.

Tina Fey guested on "Conan" Tuesday night, talking about her new memoir "Bossypants" and the final few season five episodes of "30 Rock." When the talk turned to her pregnancy, and then to her five year old daughter, Alice, Fey spoke about the passage in her book that revealed that her young child was the source of some of Tracy Jordan's most famous quotes.

"It fits perfectly. And I've said some of her things, too. She's said, 'I want to go to there,' and we used that for Liz Lemon one time. With Tracy we had her say, 'Touch my knees-butt,' which is some weird thing she used to say," Fey recalled. "And I'm hoping that even though she's getting bigger we'll have some more. There's some more that I'm want to use, for example, she still thinks the plural of ghost is ghostesses, and I mean, perfect..."

In the show, Jordan has a strange sense of romance and sexual perversion (okay, in real life he does, too), but what makes it even odder is that some of it comes from little Alice.

"She had one recently, she was playing Barbies," Fey laughed. "There was a prince doll, and the Barbie. And the Barbie had removed her pants, and she was angling toward the prince, and the dolls were saying to each other, 'You know the most romantic part of the human body is the butt.' And instead of being concerned that that was what she was saying, I was immediately like, 'That's for Tracy.'"

Fey also spoke about her time on "Saturday Night Live," telling a story about Sylvester Stallone and drawing Conan, another former "SNL" writer, into the action.