Wanna Drink Like A Famous Person This Weekend? Mix Up Some 'Funky Juice' Like Tina Fey.

How to make Funky Juice: Sprite, white wine and ice cubes. Store it in a thermos by your toilet. Don't ask questions.

It's Women's History Month! Time to reflect on the myriad contributions made by the fairer sex to our grand society. Tina's not only given us probably the best show to ever grace NBC's Thursday night lineup, but she's also a pretty great human being. So how might you channel your inner Lady Fey this weekend?

With a large glass of white wine!

It's incredibly versatile, too. You'll look classy as hell swinging a single glass between your fingers, but you can also go the practical route and carry around a whole "golden fishbowl" of the stuff, as Tina did after the Emmys in 2010. Who has time to refill their glass every other minute, anyway?

We'd also like to take this moment to remind you of Liz Lemon's beverage of choice -- a concoction dubbed "funky juice." Mix up some funky juice with white wine, Sprite and ice cubes, and store it in a thermos by your toilet. Don't ask questions.

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