Tina Fey Tries To Teach Google's Eric Schmidt To Be Funny

Last week, Tina Fey dropped by the Googleplex for the company's series of fireside chats to talk about her new book, 'Bossypants,' with Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt. During the hour-long chat, Tina offered up modeling tips and tricks, notes on a geeky childhood and her position on pirates vs. ninjas.

The Authors@Google talk kicks off with a quick run through of the basic rules of improv (starts around 3:00) in a painfully awkward bit that falls flat about 15 seconds in. Schmidt's comic chops might be rough, but he might still have a chance of making it on '30 Rock.' Responding to an audience question, Fey said an Eric Schmidt cameo is "just the kind of guest star that would keep our ratings low."

Schdmit's been known to offer up some odd soundbites (e.g. anyone that doesn't like Google Street View "can just move"), and stayed true to his trademark creepiness with some deadpan remarks.

Fey explained "I use Google a lot, but I don't google myself." Schmidt replied, ""Wait till your child does it. What's mommy up to?"

Fey also said that she doesn't google herself because "inevitably terrible, terrible things come up."

As far as high tech gadgetry, Fey told Schmidt that she uses an iPhone, iPad (accompanied by dismay from the audience) and... "computers." Check out the full chat below.