Tina Fey Can't Hide Anger At Jimmy Fallon During On-Air Break

"You're a terrible person," she snapped at "The Tonight Show" host in a running gag.

The tension was thick behind the scenes of “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” on Monday.

Tina Fey appeared on the show’s fifth-anniversary celebration episode, but she carried some (faux) resentment toward the host.

“You’re a terrible person,” she whispered to Fallon, her former “Saturday Night Live” colleague, as they sat down for their chat.

The two managed to put aside the awkwardness for their on-camera interview ― until Fallon introduced a clip of Fey in the upcoming Netflix movie “Wine Country.”

Then the gloves came off, as Fey accused Fallon of “popping pills” and hinted at other problems.

Watch above, and don’t be surprised to see a ticked-off Ben Stiller in a panda suit.