Tina Fey UNLOADS On 'Bombshell' McGee, Mocks Tiger's Mistresses (VIDEO)

After nailin' Palin last night, Fey went after another target: Sandra Bullock's husband and his mistress Michelle 'Bombshell' McGee. In a special Weekend Update segment, Fey discussed women in the news and after praising our political prospects had this to say about the recent Jesse James scandal...

"There is no Oscar curse, the curse is there are women like Bombshell McGee running around...when your body looks like a dirtbag's binder from 7th grade metal shop it doesn't bode well for your character...For every Sandra Bullock there's a woman who got a tattoo on her forehead because she ran out of room on her labia...Bombshell McGee, I know you're into Hitler stuff and white supremacy, but if Hitler were alive today even he would be like, 'Poor Sandra Bullock is so likable.'"

Fey wasn't the only woman supporting Sandra last night, Kristen Wiig wore a "Team Bullock" shirt during rehearsal.


Fey also called out Tiger's mistresses in the above sketch and in a separate bit, she played one of them. Dressed in a leopard print top and blond wig, Tina played Ashlyn St. Cloud--a Tiger expert hired by CBS to offer her analysis at the Masters.