Tina Fey Shows Home Video Of Her Daughter Struggling To Hold Their New Puppy On 'Late Night' (VIDEO)

Tina Fey may have been visiting "Late Night" to talk about her upcoming romantic comedy with Paul Rudd, "Admission." But that film opens on March 22, which means there's plenty of time to pull out the home videos of her daughter Penelope and their new puppy.

It was evident in the video that her daughter loves the new addition to the family, and that she's not quite sure the best way to hold a puppy. Or, as Fey put it, "She’s almost constantly murdering the dog."

Fey also showed that her daughter now says "Hi" to everyone and everything.

"She’s like running for mayor," Fey laughed.

With "30 Rock" over, Fey is keeping herself plenty busy with Penelope and her growing movie career -- though she won't be adding Oscars host to her resume. She's in negotiations to star in a new movie with Jason Bateman. As part of that negotiations, she should push for a part for Penelope. Maybe as a baby mayor!

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