Tina Fey Got Sassy With The O.G. 'Mean Girls' At Disney World

Now THIS is a sequel we'd like to see.

You can't sit with them, but you can certainly visit them at Disney World.

In the ultimate meta-trip, "Mean Girls" star Tina Fey hung out with the original "mean girls" at Disney World this week. Cinderella's wicked stepmother and stepsisters look all too shocked to see Fey in the Magic Kingdom, with a sassy smirk to boot:

The "Mean Girls"-themed photo not-so-subtly occurred right as Fey took a break from working on an upcoming "Mean Girls" musical, a Disney spokesperson told HuffPost.

But we've gotta say, it also coincides perfectly with the season when our Disney park cravings usually set in. With warm weather, new rides and lots of Star Wars goodies, we're constantly daydreaming about planning a spring or summer trip.

Oh, and you might see a celeb during your visit, too...

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