Tina Fey On Late Night With Jimmy Fallon: Mommy's Day Off

In her memoir "Bossypants," Tina Fey shares her tricks for stealing a few moments of alone-time despite being a working mom. Examples include, "Offer to do the dishes!" and "Take very long showers." Last night, on "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon," the star revealed what she does with when given the chance to sneak away for longer -- two whole hours or so.

Watch the clip above to see the former Weekend Update co-hosts in action. First, they have fun discussing the Westminster Dog Show winner, a dog actually named Tina Fey. Then, Fey talks motherhood, giving fans a little insight into how awesome her 6-year-old Alice is turning out to be. (Don't miss Fey at about 1:30 quoting what Alice says when she climbs into the crib with her baby sister.) But it's her description of how she recently spent a day off that will probably resonate with every parent.

After getting a bunch of painful dental work, Fey says she called work and told them she had to go home, called home and said she was needed at work, bought "a big piece of cake" and went to the movies by herself. And, what did she see?

"Friends With Kids. It's a good movie," Fey says. "It's about a bunch of people tired from their kids .. And I was like, that's like me!"