Tina Fey Dusts Off Her Sarah Palin Impression On Letterman (VIDEO)


Those of you who tuned in to David Letterman's show last night got a special treat: Tina Fey doing her Sarah Palin impression for the first time since 2009.

Fey sat down with Letterman on "The Late Show" and talked briefly about the midterm elections, leading Letterman to ask Fey about her famed impression of Palin. After admitting that she didn't quite remember how to do the impression (and that she "doesn't look like her"), Fey started talking about Palin's "mama grizzlies" and slowly transformed into the former Alaskan governor.

Aside from her impression, Fey also poked fun at Fox News for referring to Palin as "Governor Palin" when she appears on the network.

"That's like calling me 'Dairy Queen Employee,'" Fey joked. "I was once, but I quit!"


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