Tina Fey Loves Chicago: Dining Tips From '30 Rock' Creator (VIDEO)

You might know Tina Fey as the sandwich loving, foot-fearing New Yorker, Liz Lemon on "30 Rock," but in real life, Fey spent many years as a member of Chicago's Second City crew.

In a "30 Rock" web exclusive, Fey reads a letter from a future television writing student at Columbia College Chicago. When asked to give her picks for the best Chicago restaurants, Fey says "this is a delight" before listing off her favorite places to eat--and what she orders.

"I lived on the North Side. You need to go to a place called the Athenian Room on Webster. You need to order the roasted chicken. It's cooked on a spit, it comes on a bed of steak fries and the chicken juice gets into the fries. Unbelievable."

Fey also mentioned the Golden Apple diner, where she recommends ordering the "hot veal," hobo skillet or British breakfast--adding that the "internet could run out of space" if she continued listing her favorite places to eat.

Fey also said she prefers Chicago to New York, and Jimmy John's to Potbelly.

WATCH the clip here: