Tina Fey And Rachel Dratch Prove Everything Is Connected In '90s Second City Video

If you don't think blenders have anything to do with the Spanish Inquisition, you've got it all wrong.

In the spirit of #ThrowbackThursday, here's a recently released video from The Second City archive, featuring then-future "SNL" stars Rachel Dratch and Tina Fey, plus Scott Adsit from "30 Rock." The 11-minute improvised scene performed in 1996 as part of the show "Citizen Gates" is worth watching all the way through, because somehow they connect blenders to the Spanish Inquisition by way of Spaghetti O's, pizza bagels, tooth stains, heroin and The Rolling Stones.

The scene also features Second City's Scott Allman, Kevin Dorff and Jenna Jolovitz. You can find more vintage clips like this on the theater's YouTube channel.

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