Tina Fey Covers Time Style & Design, Admits She Doesn't Know How To Dress (PHOTOS)

We kind of hate the phrase "girl crush," but we think the term might just apply to the way we feel about Tina Fey, especially after reading the star's latest musings on her lack of personal style.

Tina covers Time Style & Design's Spring 2013 issue, looking quite fashionable, if we say so ourselves. But even though the mag's spread features her decked out in ostrich feathers, corsets, diamonds and the like, the comedienne admits that she's not too sure what to wear in her post-"30 Rock" life:

“I don’t actually know what I like to wear in real life. It’s going to be a period of terribly awkward experimentation. Like middle school all over again. Perhaps I’m a person who wears a blouse with an ascot? Dark green nails? I think it’s going to be a series of caftans.”

Go for it, Tina. While we certainly miss Liz Lemon's sneakers, we're pretty thrilled to see Ms. Fey rocking her own look. Didn't she do so well going the smart, sexy route at the Golden Globes?

And don't worry, it doesn't look like the 42-year-old is headed for wardrobe malfunction territory anytime soon -- she told Time that she won't don any sideboob, boob windows or any boob-baring neckline variety outside of glossy magazine shoots.

“Photos are a controlled environment. I would not walk around with it,” she says.

Hm, maybe Tina's not as clueless as she thinks. Check out her new cover and spread below and click over to Time Style & Design to read their full interview with the actress.


tina fey dress

tina fey dress

tina fey dress

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