Tina Fey's Fake Joni Mitchell Song On '30 Rock' (AUDIO)

On last week's "30 Rock" a newly single Liz Lemon found herself at a terrible bar (with Jenna, naturally) called Canal Yards Project. Aside from the "hipster nonsense" name, Fey's character took issue with the bar's soundtrack, a single tune that probably sounded like a Joni Mitchell song to the untrained ear.

Now, thanks to the Internet, we know that the song was actually a Mitchell parody sung by none other than Fey herself called "Paints And Brushes." Give the hilarious song a listen below, which was isolated from the scene by ONTD and contains such amazing lyrics as "I'm not gonna stop doin' jokes / About tampons." You will not regret it. (Via Jezebel)