Author Tina Horn Discusses The 'Obnoxious' Questions That Sex Workers Are Tired Of Hearing

In Love Not Given Lightly, author Tina Horn chronicles the lives of those she encountered throughout her own experience within sexual counter cultures. Horn told HuffPost Live that while profiling her subjects, she relied on her own experience and understanding of sex work to circumvent the various "misconceptions" most people have about the profession and avoid the "obnoxious" questions sex workers hear so frequently.

Such questions range from mundane to completely invasive, she told host Alex Berg.

Where did you come up with your name? Is that your real name? But even really intrusive questions, like 'Oh you must be doing this because you have daddy issues. You must be doing this because you were abused. You must be doing this because you don't really understand how you are being used and exploited.'

Many of the in-depth questions stem from assumptions that are made about sex workers in general, Horn explained. Since sex workers work in such an intimate, personal trade, those from outside of the community often incorrectly assume that they don't mind the intrusiveness.

"People assume because sex workers put themselves out there, put ourselves out there, and market ourselves or produce art about things that most people find very intimate that we don't have any boundaries," she said. "But the truth is that we have to develop much more iron clad boundaries because we're going into that territory. It's really just all about respecting the boundaries of my subjects…"

Watch the full HuffPost Live interview with Love Not Given Lightly author Tina Horn here.

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