Tina Rucker Choked A Man For Hogging Their Blanket: Police

Woman Choked Blanket Hog: Cops

Good night. Sleep tight. Don't let your girlfriend choke you.

Tina Rucker, 42, was arrested for allegedly choking Roger Beene, 49, after Beene hogged the blanket they were sharing in bed. The Myrtle Beach woman was charged with domestic violence on Wednesday night, according to a police report.

Police said when they arrived, Beene had obvious signs of being choked and was bleeding on his neck where Rucker's nails had held him. The report noted that Rucker was "highly intoxicated and did not want to cooperate with police."

But this wasn't Rucker's first arrest — or domestic violence charge — this week.

On Sunday night, police responded to an incident involving an altercation between Rucker and Beene, where both sustained minor injuries. According to the police report, Rucker told officers that Beene struck her in the nose, possibly while attempting to knock a cigarette out of her mouth, during a fight. She could not recall what they were fighting about.

Beene, meanwhile, relayed a different tale. He said that Rucker had been sitting outside with the door open, and when he tried to close it to keep the cold out, Rucker charged the door in an attempt to attack him. Beene then put his hands up to defend himself and instead accidentally hit Rucker in the face. Police said Beene had a small bruise on his left arm. Both Beene and Rucker were arrested and charged with domestic violence.

According to CBS News, after Wednesday's arrest, Rucker was being held without bond.

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