Tina Turner Tells Oprah She's Found Her Nirvana At Age 73 (VIDEO)

Tina Turner has had her share of heartache –- but at age 73, she tells Oprah that she's finally found her Nirvana. On a recent episode of "Oprah's Next Chapter" on OWN, Oprah had an intimate conversation with the legendary performer following Turner's recent wedding to her longtime love Erwin Bach.

During the interview, Oprah says Turner told her something before her wedding that struck a chord. "You said, 'Oprah, I found happiness for myself and I think it's because I desire nothing,'" she says in the above video clip.

Oprah asks Turner: "How do you get to the space, where we're all trying to get to, where you desire nothing?"

"First, it's a journey," Turner says. "You're born, you go through the journey, and then you leave the journey."

What's important, Tina continues, is how one manages that journey. "I stayed on track. I stayed on course," she says. "My wish was to arrive here where I am today in this frame of mind and this physique and this healthiness."

Turner says she now understands what true happiness is. "In the past, happiness was, 'Oh, I bought a dress. Oh, I have this car.' And, 'Oh, we just bought another house,'" Turner says. "It was all material things."

In the video, Turner explains that she has a chair in her room where she meditates and reflects on her life. "I have the house. I have the comfort. I have the cars. I have the jewelry. I have the peace of mind. I have the friends. What else is there to want?" she says.

"Sounds like Nirvana to me," Oprah says.

Turner agrees. "It sounds like Nirvana to me," she says.

"Oprah's Next Chapter" airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on OWN.



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