Tina Yothers On 'What Not To Wear': 'Family Ties' Alumna Talks Makeover With Clinton And Stacy (VIDEO)

Yes, That's Jennifer Keaton

The former child actress, best known as Jennifer Keaton on "Family Ties," will get the full treatment from TLC style gurus Stacy London and Clinton Kelly on the Thurs., Feb. 28 episode. HuffPost TV has the first look (above) at Yothers talking about how her adorkable style went to such dark extremes. Literally.

When Yothers' husband went through her closet, he showed Stacy and Clinton that every she wears is black, from her hair to her t-shirts to her flip flops.

"Everyone knows I wear black," Yothers told Stacy and Clinton in the clip above. "I've done the black thing for a very long time, even back on 'Family Ties.' Michael J. Fox used to call me Johnny Cash."

Yothers also said that she was only 8-years-old when she started on "Family Ties." "I was going through what a lot of girls go through on national television," Yothers explained. "I always reached out to the average girl. I always reached out to the girl with acne and the little chunkier girl 'cause I wasn't the stick figure, pretty pin-up. I never had a centerforld in Teen Beat."

Will Stacy and Clinton be able to pull Yothers out of her dark days? Tune in to "What Not To Wear" on Thursday, February 28 at 10 p.m. EST on TLC to find out.

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