Tinder's Going To Help You Hook Up With Celebrities

Tinder's Going To Help You Hook Up With Celebrities

Ever wanted to hook up with a celebrity? Soon that dream could become a reality.

Dating app Tinder is going to start a verification program for celebrities that's similar to Twitter's verification checkmarks, the company's CEO Sean Rad tells The Hollywood Reporter.

All us "normals" have to sign in to Tinder via Facebook, and it uses our Facebook photos and information to match us up with people. It's not so easy for famous people, though. "Sometimes celebrities use different names on Facebook," Rad tells The Hollywood Reporter. The new verification program "will allow celebrities to enter Tinder in a different way." Whether or not any actual celebrities end up using Tinder and getting verified, Tinder wins by offering the promise of meeting "real" celebrities looking to hook up.

It's unclear why celebrities would need or want to use Tinder to get dates. However, celebrities like Lindsay Lohan and semi-celebrities like Jamie Kennedy have spoken about using the app, so you might actually be able to meet some famous people on there.

Miss USA 2012 has said that she uses the app to get dates, and Olympic snowboarder Jamie Anderson said during the Sochi games that "Tinder in the Olympic Village is next level."

Tinder is good for celebrities, since it "gives them the control to filter through the noise and communicate with people they want to know," Rad says. When using Tinder, you are presented with someone's profile and you can swipe left to say "no" to them or right to say "yes." If you both swipe right, you're matched up and allowed to chat on the app. Still, somehow we feel like celebs have more effective ways of getting dates -- maybe like, you know, walking around and being famous.

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