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This Is What Tinder For Kids Would Look Like

With the wild success of the adult hook-up app Tinder, it was only a matter of time before someone tapped into the kids' market.

Finally, "Kinder" has arrived -- the revolutionary app that allows children to take the reigns and pick out their own partners for "play dating."

"Must have all their cootie shots," says young Ari. A wise request, Ari, a wise request.

So next time you'e scrambling to find a suitable kid to play with, just switch on your "Kinder," and voilà! -- your perfect play date match will be found.

Okay, fine! So this app might not be real -- yet -- but we still appreciate humorous video poster Cannibal Milkshake for the genius idea.

After, says one kid in the video above, "I'm just looking for someone to share a cubby with."