How Dudes On Tinder React To 'Frozen' Pick-Up Lines

How Dudes On Tinder React To 'Frozen' Pick-Up Lines

In the thought-provoking, barrier-breaking, highly moralistic cinematic masterpiece known as "Frozen," Princess Anna learns you shouldn't marry a man you just met. But no one said anything about shacking up with a Tinder suitor when the region has been cursed with infinite winter, AMIRITE?

On Monday, as Elsa (er, Juno) distressed the Northeast, cold singles furiously swiped right and left -- the app Hinge saw a record high -- in hopes of finding a snuggle buddy (or, whatever). In real life, I'm not single, but I joined in the fun anyway, exclusively using quotes and lyrics from "Frozen" to converse with matches.

elsa tinder
Me, yesterday, basically.

What I learned from my experiment was threefold: 1) There are still humans left who don't recognize the lyrics to "Let It Go," 2) Innocent Disney lyrics seem oddly sexual when taken out of context, and 3) Olaf is quite the wing(snow)man.

Sorry, guys of Tinder, and thanks for playing along.

It's in Brooklyn, bro.
That is literally the dumbest question. Do you want Hypothermia?
The cold never... bothered me... anyway... ?
Simmer down, Austin.
You can't just call my sister white, Adam.
LOL wut?
I think my cover is blown.

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