Ting Huan Tai, Charged With $30 Million In Medicare, Medicaid Fraud, Had Lamborghini, Other Gains

BROOKLYN, N.Y. -- A New York man charged with running a health care fraud scam from his upscale Manhattan apartment was released on a $2 million bond Thursday, days after a seizure warrant was issued for his blue Lamborghini and millions of dollars in bank assets.

Federal prosecutors accuse Ting Huan Tai, 34, of stealing the identity of a doctor he once worked with and using it to bill Medicare and Medicaid for more than $30 million in radiological services that were never performed.

"The defendant sought to enrich himself and fund his lifestyle first by stealing a doctor's identity and then using that stolen identity to steal Medicare and Medicaid funds," said Loretta E. Lynch, the U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of New York.

In May 2010, Tai allegedly took over United Medical Diagnosis, P.C., in Queens, N.Y., when the radiologist running the practice left. Tai and others he employed then allegedly used the doctor's name to commit fraud from Tai's apartment for two years.

A law enforcement source, speaking anonymously because the information had not been released to the public, told The Huffington Post that Tai lives at 8 Spruce St., the tallest residential apartment building in the Americas, designed by Frank Gehry, where rent for one-bedroom apartments can surpass $6,000 a month. HuffPost was not able to independently confirm Tai's address.

Investigators searched Tai's apartment Thursday morning before he appeared in federal court in Brooklyn that afternoon.

Tai, wearing glasses and a light blue polo shirt, appeared relatively calm as his father, mother and brother signed the $2 million bond allowing him to go home.

Tai's parents offered their home in Great Neck, N.Y., along with two business addresses, as collateral for the bond. It was in front of his parents' house that Tai's Lamborghini was last parked, according to the seizure warrant, though it was unclear if investigators had yet seized the luxury car.

When asked to comment on the charges against him, Tai said simply, "No response."

Judge Ramon Reyes Jr. announced in court that a grand jury indictment would be delayed until October while the defendant and prosecutors explored a possible plea agreement.

If convicted, Tai faces a maximum of 10 years in prison.



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