This Baby Fox Found Itself In A Bit Of A Tangle, But Help Was On The Way

This little fox cub was tangled in a soccer net, unable to wriggle free. Luckily the Wildlife Aid Foundation came to its rescue.

"It's amazing how many hazards wildlife come across that we just don't consider to be hazards," one of his rescuers says as he works on cutting the animal loose, as seen in a video the U.K.-based charity posted to YouTube on Sept. 30.

The cub apparently had struggled when it was first caught by the net and wound up bound even more tightly.

"He's actually quite cute," the rescuer observes. "The scary thing, the sad thing, is that 70 percent of fox cubs, young foxes, don't make it to their first birthday. The mortality rate's huge because of things like this."

After the cub is finally free, the man gives it a quick massage to ease any numbness in its limbs.

The animal rescue group says on its website that its aim is "to return every animal that is capable of surviving back to its natural environment," so as soon the massage finishes, the baby fox is off and on its way back to its family.

Be careful, little one!



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