This Tiny House Hotel Is Complete And Teensy Perfection

Now everyday travelers can live the tiny house dream. 🏠

When it comes to hotel rooms, bigger does not always mean better.

Hence the new Tiny Digs Hotel in Portland, Oregon, an establishment made for those who truly appreciate ― or are truly curious about ― the bliss of living in a small, functional alternative home.

The hotel is currently made up of six tiny houses, each with a unique theme and layout. For just $145 per weeknight, a group of up to four people can see what it’s like to live the tiny house dream. Here are three of the options:

The Barn Tiny House

The Beach Tiny House

The Bamboo Tiny House

Tiny Digs Hotel opened this weekend in a former parking lot in Kerns, one of Portland’s artsiest neighborhoods. Visitors can walk down the road to sample all Portland has to offer, like hip local haunts including a butcher shop, brewhouse and BBQ eats galore.

But of course, coming back to a tiny home will be the highlight of a stay. Each one comes equipped with air conditioning, Wi-Fi, a shower and working kitchen. The hotel’s central hangout space features a fire pit, twinkly lights and comfy couches for guests to mix and mingle.

Tiny Digs plans to build a total of 13 tiny houses in the future. You can currently book a room in one of the six that exist now, or, if you’re feeling really ambitious, just build your own and live the dream for good.

Tiny Houses