Chrissy Teigen's Obsession With 'Tiny Kitchen' Videos Is Contagious

These are weirdly captivating.

If you stumble across @FoodsTiny in your Twitter feed, chances are you’re going to lose some serious time.

This food video series, called Tiny Kitchen, is created by Tastemade and there are nine seasons worth of them. Ranging between 5-21 episodes per season, the short videos feature the creation of our favorite dishes ― think BLTs and tacos ― made miniature, and they are beyond captivating. See for yourself:

They’re so captivating, not even Chrissy Teigen can look away.

Don’t judge Teigen, it can happen to you, too. (Remember, NINE seasons ― and tiny tacos!)

The tiny food is made in a tiny kitchen on a tiny stove top that’s heated by a tea candle. There is even a tiny frying pan and a tiny spatula.

This is all of us.

Good luck.