Tiny Home Infographic Shows 68 Percent Of Small-Space Dwellers Don't Have A Mortgage

Shocking Statistics About Tiny Home Owners

The phenomenon of tiny homes just keeps growing year by year, and more and more small-space dwellers are spreading the word that the tinier the house, the better.

Take for example this new infographic by the folks over at TheTinyLife.com in partnership with TinyHouseConference.com and TinyHouseCraftsman.com, who reportedly spent "several hundred hours" researching small living. So, what did they find? The most interesting piece was that 68 percent of those who own a tiny home don't have a mortgage, compared to a mere 29.3 percent of all homeowners in the United States.

It burns a little doesn't it? Well, they also found that 55 percent of owners of tiny homes supposedly have more savings in the bank and 89 percent have less credit card debt than the average American. If you need anymore convincing that this lifestyle might be superior to those McMansions everyone is always lusting after, check out the full infographic below.

tiny house

Be sure to head over to TheTinyLife.com for more information.

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