Is Tiny Home Life For You? This Quiz Can Answer That.

Living tiny is a novelty for some. For others, it's a legitimate way of life. And then there are the rest of us who aren't entirely certain which tiny house style suits us best, if at all.

"Free" shopping site Yerdle would like to help determine if tiny home-living is for us. The company built a quiz, that's not exactly backed by science and is intended to be taken in jest, describing four "tiny house personalities":

1. You're Ready to Downsize...A Little
Stories about tiny houses and their inhabitants fascinate you. You don’t live in a tiny house yourself, and aren’t sure it’s exactly the right fit. But all the extra stuff in your life is stressing you out, and you’re a steadfast (if platonic) supporter of the "downsizing" movement.

2. You're Tiny House Curious
You might not be ready for a tiny house yet, but you're intrigued. You daydream about do-it-yourself space-saving projects; the thought of re-organizing the mess in your closet is more tantalizing than it should be. You own more stuff than you need, and are eager to clear out the clutter.

3. You're Tiny-Amorous
You live in a small home or apartment that still feels a little too big, and you can’t stop fantasizing about tiny houses. You swipe right for tiny house photos, and have played around with small home design ideas. You may even have spent the night with a tiny house (or two).

4. You're Ready for the Tiny House Lifestyle
You live in a super-efficient and tidy space, and may even have a move-in date for your tiny house. You've begun the joyful process of culling your stuff and simplifying your life. Your friends look at you with envy, and remark on how much more relaxed and happy you seem. You have an active network for trading skills and needed items. Your house may be small, but your future looks free.

Among those who've taken the quiz so far, Yerdle's Jeremy Osborn says most users are tiny house amorous (40.1 percent) followed by a solid group of tiny house curious types (31.8 percent).

For those ready to make the leap, Osborn recommends starting with simple life hacks like re-organizing your closet, attending a clothing swap, or giving something away.

"Pick one room, or one event, or one app and start with a simple, achievable goal," he said. "And then see where it takes you. The idea is that no matter what kind of home you live in, or how minimalist (or not) you live, there's always an opportunity to simplify your life." And naturally, he'd like you to do so via Yerdle's "free marketplace."

Take Yerdle's Tiny House Quiz below.

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