A Tiny House Built On Lava Fields Near Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano: Would You Buy It? (PHOTOS)

Our bigger question: How does one insure such a property?

The idea of living in Hawaii sounds amazing -- what could be better than waking up everyday to sun, surf and sand? That’s why when we came across this tiny home listing, it sounded perfect -- if you like off-the-grid living.

With an asking price of $72,500, the 500-square-foot home is located in Kalapana Gardens Subdivision, which just so happens to be near Kilauea Volcano. Back in 1986, this region became famous when it was partly buried by lava from a volcano eruption nearby. Consequently, few residences occupy the space, making this the ultimate area for well, solitude.

The current owner built the two-story home and calls it “the best kept secret in Hawaii.” With only one bedroom and one bathroom, the home is surprisingly complete with phone and internet access even though it’s sitting on lava fields.

If this sounds like the perfect getaway retreat for you, head over to Tiny House Listings for more information. And be sure to click through our slideshow to see photos.

Hawaiian Home

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