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This Tiny Home Could Make City Living More Affordable (And It Looks Good, Too)

As living in a city becomes the "new American Dream," the need for affordable housing becomes even more critical. There is, after all, only a finite amount of space in an urban area and we've seen what supply-and-demand has done to metros such as San Francisco, a city where you now need to make $200,000 in order to afford a home. Cities are only going to become even more crowded, which means even further demand for housing. The World Health Organization estimates that, by 2030, 6 out of every 10 people will live in a city. (And that's on a global scale.)

Historically, affordable homes haven't been the most well-designed. The Y:Cube over in London, however, is one of many projects trying to rethink the way affordable units are planned. It's part of an initiative headed up by the YMCA London South West in partnership with Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners (design) and Insulshell (contracting) as a quality single housing alternative for those in need.

The durable, modular units can be stacked in a number of ways, depending on the location. The exteriors are contemporary, while each 280-square-foot home has been thoughtfully planned to feel much bigger than it actually is. Currently, the units are slated to rent at $235 weekly. Watch the above video from Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners to see a tour of one of the models, then visit BBC News and YMCA London South West for more info about the project.

Tell us: Would you live in the Y:Cube?

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