6 Tiny Homes That Would Be Perfect 'Starter' Houses For Newlyweds (PHOTOS)

There are lots of benefits to living small that are particularly attractive to newlyweds. Many are financial: Mortgage costs for tiny homes, if any, are minimal and utility fees are also low. Of course, this is helpful for couples who are just starting out and may have debt, school loans and limited funds. The two can instead spend more money on things they love, like traveling or other experiences and gadgets (that don't take up a lot of space, clearly). Or better yet, they can start saving up for early retirement.

Also, owning a smaller property will also free up lots of time. While homeowners of average or larger houses need to spend weekend and evening hours maintaining a home, tiny home dwellers have a lot less to do to keep things in working order.

Some tiny home owner couples who cohabit say that their small places actually brought them closer together. (And not just physically.) Of course, this lifestyle is not for everyone and it takes dedication as well as discipline. (That shopping habit will have to end.) Do you think it's right for you and your spouse? Click through our favorite tiny homes that would be perfect for newlyweds.

Tiny Homes For Newlyweds

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