Want To Buy A House, But Strapped For Cash? A Tiny Home Might Be The Solution (PHOTOS)

Owning a home is the American dream. But these days, thanks to a sagging economy, it's a difficult dream to realize. Between the down payment, closing costs, maintenance and monthly mortgage payments, it's a hefty financial undertaking.

We found six people who managed to work around those obstacles by purchasing tiny homes. Small houses mean small bills, right? Moreover, tiny homes ensure a small eco footprint. Thumbs up all around.

Check out our roundup of tiny homes and the stories behind them:

1. Johnny Sanphillippo's Tiny Home
tiny homes
Photo Credit: Johnny Sanphillippo

3. Macy Miller's Tiny Home
tiny homes
Photo Credit: Macy Miller

For more on tiny homes, be sure to flip through our slideshow of the tiniest tiny homes we've seen yet.

20 Of The Tiniest Homes In The World

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