This Self-Powered, Eco-Friendly Tiny House Lets You Dwell Anywhere On Earth

This Tiny, Self-Powered Living Capsule Lets You Dwell Anywhere On Earth

If you've ever wished you could post up on a mountaintop forever, then meet your new home.

Ecocapsule is a tiny, 86 square-foot living capsule that, as soon as next year, will enable owners to live virtually anywhere. Each mobile pod comes with sleeping space for two, a mini kitchen, a fully functional toilet and shower, storage space, a desk and two windows.

The pods, which are currently in pre-production, harvest rainwater and remove bacteria all on their own, while powering themselves with sun and wind. The capsule's battery can also charge electric cars, Gizmodo reports, making the location possibilities breathtakingly endless -- from beaches to jungles to wide-open prairies.

Pricing for the Ecocapsules is not yet available, but Slovakia-based Nice Architects do know that shipping the pods to the U.S. will not be cheap -- it's estimated to cost about $2,400 to have a pod shipped to New York City.

Or you could just skip all the kerfuffle and build your own wooden cabin. Ahh, the great outdoors.

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