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7 Ways To Get The Most Out Of A Tiny Kitchen

A well-designed kitchen isn't synonymous with a huge kitchen. While we might dream of the massive open-concept kitchens anchored by a giant island (often seen in Nancy Meyers' movies), the reality is that few of us really need that much space. Besides, we all know that island would quickly be covered in a wide range of junk mail and clutter.

Instead, let's celebrate tiny kitchens. They take up less time to clean, force you to hone your multi-tasking skills and allow you to have your coffee pot within reach at all times.

They can also be incredibly stylish, as proven by these seven designer projects. Here's what we can learn from the best.

Ditch cabinets for open shelving to keep away that "claustrophobic" feeling.
Shelves also work when dealing with an awkward space, like underneath a staircase. For more kitchen ideas, visit Domino.
Glass-front cabinets also give the illusion of space.
For those of us who are dust-averse, these types of cabinets safely guard your dishes and glassware. New York by Foley & Cox Interiors To see the full project, visit Porch.com
A white tile backsplash is simple and affordable.
Plus, opting for any tile makes for easy clean-up. For more kitchen ideas, visit Domino.
Edit your "stuff" down to only what you need.
In your case, it might just be a simple burner and a collection of white dinnerware. For more kitchen ideas, visit Domino.
In an open concept, your counter can also become a breakfast bar.
Just add bar stools! Setai Project by Nitzan Design To see the full project, visit Porch.com
If you can, get your microwave off the counter.
Sure, it's a lifesaver for those nights you're too lazy to cook, but it does eat up precious counter space. Tribeca Apartment by Julieann Gregory To see the full project, visit Porch.com
Remember, layout is everything.
Even the tiniest galley kitchen can work if your sink is adjacent to your cooking surface (which makes clean-up a cinch). Pied A Terre by Victoria Benatar Architects PLLC To see the full project, visit Porch.com
De-Stress Your Kitchen Space