Tiny Ray of Sunshine - Week 1

Lately, there has been a torrent of terrible news hovering like a dark and heavy storm cloud. Every time there seems to be a break in the downpour, thunderous booms send me running for cover. As a true ENFP on the Myers-Briggs scale and a Cancer astrologically, I have a need to help look for the rays of sunshine trying to break through the clouds, no matter how tiny.

After delving into the depths and murk of the internet, I have found a few rays of sunshine to brighten your day.

Daddy daughter dance

Wedding day tribute that brought a bride (and yes me) to tears.

What are you looking at?

A mirror was put in a jungle and the animals really react to it! Even when they get angry, I couldn’t help but smile.

Ellen soldier family surprise

Ellen is so committed to bringing happiness and joy into our world, she is my inspiration for this series. In case you missed it last week, she surprised a soldier’s family on her show. Thank you for thanking them Ellen!

Gordon Ramsay style

Yes, Gordon Ramsay, the sharp-tongued chef famous for berating contestants on his reality cooking shows. Seems that people love the hate and ask him to rate their food on his twitter @GordonRamsay. There are a ton of compilations of these tweets, but here are some of the best from this week.


Since Halloween just passed, here is one last treat for the season. Did you know that in Annapolis ever year they have a Corgi Howl-o-ween parade? Imagine, a bunch of corgis in costumes running around the Annapolis harbor!

Thank you for spending some time with me today! Hope you all have a great week and hopefully this week’s Ray helped bring you back into the sunshine. See you next week, BYEEEEEEE!

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