Tiny Ray of Sunshine - Week 2

Tiny Ray of Sunshine – Week 2

This week has been a lot of frantic prepping and last-minute project with the impending awesome-craziness of Thanksgiving just a few days away! Take a moment with me from the planning whirlwinds and enjoy this week’s Tiny Ray of Sunshine.

Ready to Travel?

This will be the first time in a long time I didn’t travel for Thanksgiving, but if I had a flight crew like this one, I would have no problems!

Going the Extra Mile

I love videos showing people really going above and beyond, throw in a few baby animals and I could watch videos like this all day! Thanks Ellen!

Y-E-S #relationshipgoals

Fun brain teaser and wife teasing. Do you know the answer?


And finally, who doesn’t love a dog who loves food, but is terrible at catching it? I hope this isn’t me on Thursday!

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