Tiny Ray of Sunshine – Week 3

Happy New Year! Let’s all shake off 2017 and look forward to a year of positivity and happiness. C’mon, let’s will it to happen! Here are some tiny rays of sunshine to help you on the way this week!

Beauty in the Snow

Growing up in Michigan and now living on the East Coast, I LOVE the snow! While many might not agree with me while they count down the hours until Spring, you can’t deny there is beauty in the freeze.

Want to see more BEAUTY?

Parenting Award

As a parent, I love reading real-life tweets about the sheer wackiness of parenting. No one does this better then Ryan Reynolds, he does not disappoint! Here is a taste and follow him on twitter (@VancityReynolds) for your dose of #parentinggoals #relationshipgoals and its hard not to know a Deadpool movie is coming out…

Morning Commute

Still waiting for the day when someone says to me, “Lisa, I just love driving to work in the morning in stop-and-go, triple-the-time commute.” I’d expect people to be frustrated, aggressive, but I’d never expect this…


And finally, while I am not a vaper, this is hilarious!

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