Tip Of The Week - The first interactive book from the Balkans

Inspire yourself. Motivate others. Make the change. Upgrade your career and achieve more!

Every one of us has found him/herself in a situation where we are not quite sure what to do. Whether this is work, friends or family related, even with your own well-being. Just if there was something that could magically appear at those moments that will guide us to make the right decision, for instance, should you take action or just sit this one out, what type of action, how to do it, etc.

Some interesting and creative way to handle this type of situations in your everyday living and working can be found in this ‘magic’ called TIP OF THE WEEK©

An interactive book where you can find various tips that you can implement and make a significant change. It’s a book for professional and personal development which provides tips and many self-evaluation exercises that will inspire you and motivate others to achieve your dreams.

The times are changing, businesses are changing, societal norms and templates are changing. The Universe is changing. If we do not accept this new situation, we cannot hope to succeed in the future.

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TIP OF THE WEEK© is a book written by successful businessmen and women coming from the Balkans. It contains 40 practical and educational tips on how to improve, make a change and become more successful on various fields in your everyday life. The idea is that each and every one of you can have their copy on the desk, and revisit it whenever you find yourself in a certain situation in need of advice.

Specially created/designed TIP OF THE WEEK kit is to help and provoke readers be more open to changes because only by changing ourselves and focusing on implementation of new ideas we can become better day by day.

This book gives you the insights shared by our Balkan businessmen and women, for handling yourself in the everyday situations in the best way possible. Each tip is explained in details, with concrete guidance by our network of professionals that unselfishly share their knowledge and experience in this book.

TIP OF THE WEEK© is a concept created to help the people who want to make a change, to stop procrastinating, to take action, to make decisions and stand by them. This interactive book makes the change available for everyone.

With the TIP OF THE WEEK© you can make that change in your life that you’ve been eager to do it, but just needed some guidance and support. So, stop wondering and procrastinating achieving your goals! Get up and get this amazing book and start living the changes you deserve!

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The unique signature is the “360º innovative approach”

· Innovation in Product Development – The concept started by business people (Petar Lazarov and Kalin Babusku) who transfer the knowledge they have gained by working with national and international companies. The books they have published so far are the only of this kind on the Balkan and beyond aiming to combine different experiences of successful people from the region.

· Innovation in Structure - non-standard edition in terms of writing and developing open communication with readers and giving them opportunity for self-evaluation.

· Innovation in Visual appearance - full copyright work in terms of design and visual concept, original cover, specially-made illustrations and fully designed interior text.

· Innovation in terms of Marketing and Sales strategy - completely innovative approach with special emphasis on social responsibility by developing unique and original author sponsorship model ("COS model" - Customer Oriented Sponsorship Model) in order to provide variety of benefits to the publisher - company that uses it – end buyer.

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