Tips For Tipping Etiquette [GRAPHIC]

The etiquette of tipping has always been tricky, and in this economy, people may be more sensitive to it than ever.

Depending on the personal service received, the rules for tipping vary, so it's best to be prepared for any tipping situation, business writer Richard Stribling says. To that end, he's compiled an infographic with just about every tipping circumstance you may find yourself in (hat tip: Business Insider).

The rules may be pretty standard for waiters and bartenders, but special situations call for special gratuity. For example, contractors like plumbers or locksmiths might warrant an extra few bucks if they provide services at unusual times. Likewise, things can get tricky with service providers, like limo drivers, who work for companies that prohibit tips, so it's best to call and check beforehand, according to Stribling.

Things can get even more confusing when you're travelling -- even if you're a leader of a powerful nation, as it turns out. UK Prime Minister David Cameron recently caused a bit of a stir when he didn't tip at a cafe in Tuscany while on vacation. In a testament to the minutia of tipping etiquette, employees at the cafe said he was right not to tip since he had served himself.

Here is the infographic "Tips For Tipping" by Richard Stribling:

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